17 June 2021

Currently a Ph.D. student at the Meiri lab, Faculty of Biology

What is your research about?

On the macro scale, I’m researching the uses of seaweed technology for energy, food, and pharmacological purposes. Specifically, my Ph.D. is about identifying natural substances with therapeutic properties in algae (seaweed) and defining them chemically. I use advanced analytic chemistry methods, tissue cultures, cutting-edge equipment, and methods in molecular biology

What is your history with the lab, and how did you end up where you are today?

I am a marine biologist who has worked with algae in the past decade. As of now, there are still few researchers of macro-algae, especially with a chemical and molecular biology background. There is a knowledge gap I’ve always been drawn to, so I decided to focus my research on that field.

Why did you choose the Faculty of Biology at the Technion?

I was first of all looking for a place where I could conduct high-quality research with the aid of world-class equipment and infrastructure. It’s important to understand that research in my field requires a broad technological platform. The Faculty of Biology gives you free access to cutting-edge equipment and has top-rate technicians who help me along the way. One of the main reasons I chose the Meiri lab is because it’s a unique place that encourages practical research and gives its students maximum freedom and support.

3 tips for balancing personal life and professional life as a researcher?

  1. Balancing what?
  2. Very simple: 90% work, 10% home, and enjoying every minute.
  3. I’m lucky to have a wife who accepts me as I am.

Any funny stories from your current research?

Nerf gun fights in the lab, with the rubber bullets kids use. You know what I mean?

Any tips for new students?

My advice is to take a deep breath. Be patient and be prepared for a lot of hard work. On the other hand, the work never gets boring. It keeps fascinating me and stimulating my scientific curiosity every day.


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