The 2021 Landau prize in Bioinformatics was awarded to Prof. Roy Kishony from the Faculty of Biology and Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion

03 November 2021

We are excited to share that Prof. Roy Kishony won the prestigious 2021 Landau Award in Bioinformatics.
The Landau prize is awarded annually by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts to outstanding artists and scientists who made a significant impact in key selected areas.

The award committee notes that:
“Prof. Roy Kishony is one of the most brilliant and respected scientists working in Israel.
His research combines bioinformatics, mathematical models, machine learning, and experimental work in a creative and innovative way to study basic questions in areas of crucial importance to human health.

His work focuses on bacterial resistance to antibiotics and ways to prevent it. His many contributions include describing the interactions between antibiotics and their impact on the development of bacterial resistance, understanding how, through antibiotic monitoring, the development of resistance can be delayed or prevented, and even discovering why antibiotic resistance is uncommon in bacteria growing in natural ecosystems.

In recent years, Prof. Kishony has channeled his scientific insights into advancing health systems. He developed a computational learning system for predicting the most appropriate drug based on the patient’s personal medical record. Recently, Prof. Kishony has contributed greatly to the understanding and improvement of the testing and vaccination for Covid-19. Prof. Kishony is an original and creative world-renowned scientist in the field of systems and computational biology. His multidisciplinary research takes advantage of bioinformatics as a tool for a better understanding of biological and medical systems”

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