Dr. Ilona Nudelman A postdoctoral associate at the Laboratory of Cellular and Structural Biology at the Rockefeller University
27/11/2014 14:00

“NCDIR – National Center for Dynamic Interactome Research – Novel Technologies and Applications for Study of Macromolecular Complexes”
The vision of the National Center for Dynamic Interactome Research is to develop innovative and dramatically new approaches for the detection, isolation, and analysis of macromolecular complexes that will enable scientists to realize the full potential of the revolution brought about by genomics, interdisciplinary research, and proteomics technologies. In my talk I will present a small sample of our already established methodologies arsenal, which enables us to immuno-purify large amounts of endogenous macro-molecular complexes of various complexities from virtually any organism. With these, we are able to perform structural and functional studies using a multitude of techniques, including EM, super-resolution and fluorescence microscopy, cross-linking, MS, SAXS and many others. These data serve as input into our integrative modeling platform (IMP) which provides us with a functionally informative pseudo-atomic model of the system in question. IMP has been used to demonstrate the strength of our integrative approach by application to several challenging systems, including the Nuclear Pore Complex, Nup84 complex, 26S Proteasome, ribosomes etc. Since our methodology has proved to be extremely successful, we are interested in its dissemination among the different scientific fields. One of our center’s main goals is to make our technologies readily available and provide training and support in their use.
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