Phd Graduate Seminar-Sofia Khazan Kost
28/06/2022 13:00

Time: Thursday June 28th 13:00

Place: hybrid- in the Faculty Auditorium/ZOOM

The HLA Peptidome of Lung Cancer: Towards the Development

of Personalized Immunotherapy

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide, mainly due to late diagnosis, metastases, accumulation of pleural effusions, and resistance to chemotherapy. Immunotherapy is emerging as a new treatment modality revolutionizing cancer care. However, much progress is still needed for its implementation for lung cancer. Identification of tumor-specific antigens among the HLA peptidome of lung cancer may facilitate the development of effective personalized immunotherapy. This research aimed to identify HLA peptides that can be used as targets or biomarkers for lung cancer. To achieve these goals we analyzed the HLA peptidome from pleural effusions of lung cancer patients as well as cell lines, including chemotherapy-resistant cultures. Many of the identified putative HLA ligands derived from tumor-associated antigens and multi-drug resistance proteins. Such peptides are candidate targets for personalized immunotherapy and biomarkers. Importantly, the immunogenicity of selected peptides was demonstrated with T cells of a healthy donor, indicating a potential value of this approach for future clinical implementation.