Prof. Gali Prag, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Tel Aviv University
02/05/2022 13:00

Title: Decoding uniquitin signals


UbiquitinE3-ligases regulate most of the cellular pathways and consequently are tightlyregulated themselves. Several allosteric mechanisms for regulation of HECTE3-ligases that were identified and characterized in our lab will be presented.Deep structural insights combined with our unique E. coli-based toolsfacilitated the development of compounds that affect these regulatorymechanisms and opened the door for pharmacological intervention. We willdemonstrate the downstream effect of these regulations with a spectrum ofsoluble to membrane proteins including the proteasomal ubiquitin-receptorRpn10, the endocytic machinery protein Rvs167 (amphiphysin in human), the RTKprotein EGFR1 and the heart/brain potassium channel KCNQ1.

Host: Sagi Levy