Prof. Inna Slutsky, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University
06/06/2022 13:00

Title:Activity Homeostasis in Neural Circuits: From Basic Principles to Malfunctions

Abstract:Maintaining averageactivity level within a set-point range constitutes a fundamentalproperty of central neural circuits. Accumulated evidence suggests that firingrate distributions and their means represent physiological variables regulatedby homeostatic systems during sleep-wake cycle in central neuralcircuits. While intracellular Ca2+ has long beenhypothesized as a feedback control signal, the source of Ca2+ andthe molecular machinery enabling network-wide homeostatic responses remainlargely unknown. I will present our experimental framework onidentification of homeostatic regulators in neural circuits. Next, I willshow our new results on the molecular machinery underlying regulation ofactivity set-points and feedback responses. Finally, I will provide an evidenceof state-dependent dysregulation of activity set-points at the presymptomaticdisease stage in familial Alzheimer’s models.

Host: Sagi Levy