Prof. Naama Barkai, Department of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science
11/04/2022 13:00

Title: Howtranscription factors recognize binding sites in large genomes: the role ofintrinsically disordered regions.



Transcription factors (TFs) regulate geneexpression by binding DNA sequences recognized by their DNA-binding domains (DBDs).DBD-recognized motifs are short and highly abundant in genomes. The ability ofTFs to bind a specific subset of motif-containing sites, and to do so rapidlyupon activation, is fundamental for gene expression in all eukaryotes. Despiteextensive interest, our understanding of the TF-target search process isfragmented; I will discuss our results which implicate intrinsically disorderedregions (IDRs) in this process, and the possible implications ofthe ‘distributed specificity’ paradigm implemented by these regions in explainingbinding specificity while reducing the TF-target search time.