Sc Graduate Seminar- Jordan Mc Carthy
07/04/2022 12:30

Place: hybrid- inthe Faculty Auditorium/ZOOM:

The role of pregnancy in skin regeneration

Abstract: The physiology of mammalian skin changesdramatically during pregnancy due to immunological, metabolic, and hormonalshifts. Estrogens are major regulators of these homeostatic changes and arealso known to affect the hair cycle. We have found that during pregnancy, hairfollicle stem cells (HFSCs) become active and initiate hair growth. This cellcycle entry is dependent upon estrogen signaling. In this state, upon woundinfliction HFSCs vastly contribute to the repair process. Importantly, we findthat skin repair and hair follicle regeneration is improved during pregnancy.Taken together our findings could potentially give rise to novel therapeuticavenues for regenerative medicine.