MSc Graduate Seminar- Leo Nauman
13/09/2022 13:00
Leo Nauman

Revealing Hormone-Mediated Tissue-Specific Nuclear Proteome and Signaling Output in the Meristem

Our lab seeks to understand the principles underlying developmental programs in plants. Using roots as a model organ, we ask for example, how growth is coordinated among cells at different developmental stages, from the stem cells and division stage to differentiation. In the past decade, it has become clear that the steroid hormone brassinosteroid (BR) signaling pathway plays an important role in these processes. Moreover, we establish that their regulatory effect occurs in a cell-specific and non-autonomous manner. However, current research regarding the precise manner of tissue-specific BR signaling is lacking and forms the basis of our research – how do different cells respond to BR and produce a tissue-specific response? To address this question, we have employed two methods, considering both the input and the output levels (i.e., the signaling pathway and the transcriptional outcome, respectively). On the input level, we seek to employ a BioID-based system, whose calibration is underway, to detect tissue-specific interacting partners along the BR signaling pathway. On the output level, we sought to develop synthetic fluorescent markers, to monitor the transcriptional response to BR via live imaging. Current results will be presented and discussed.

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