Faculty Seminar- “Paper Of The Month” winners- Graduate Students lectures
18/03/2024 13:00
Ariel Chazan,Anwar Bdarneh,Peleg Ragonis Bachar,Bella Ben-Oz

The Faculty of Biology will host our Graduate Students who won the prize for the outstanding “Paper Of The Month” in recent months at the Faculty of Biology:

  • Ariel Chazan- Beja Lab- Ariel won the prestigious award for the “outstanding paper of the year- for 2023” in the Faculty of Biology for his paper: “Phototrophy by antenna-containing rhodopsin pumps in aquatic environments” Nature.
  • Anwar Bdarneh-Glickman Lab- “Altered ubiquitin signaling induces Alzheimer’s disease-like hallmarks in a three-dimensional human neural cell culture model”, Nature Communications.
  • Peleg Ragonis Bachar-Landau Lab: “What can AlphaFold do for antimicrobial amyloids?” Proteins.
  • Bella Ben-Oz-Ayoub Lab-“A dual role of RBM42 in modulating splicing and translation of CDKN1A/p21
    during DNA damage response”. Nature Communications.