Upcoming Seminars

15/12/2021 13:00
 Studying AlternativePolyadenylation in Human Cells and Clinical Samples during Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV)Infection  HCMV infection is the leadingcause for congenital abnormalities in the western world. We studiedtranscriptomic changes in human fibroblast and in clinical placenta samplesinfected by HCMV. Specifically, we followed the...
06/12/2021 13:00
Title: Golgi Redox and Gut Health: the Elegant Mechanism for ConstructingIntestinal MucusGuest: Deborah Fass, Departmentof Chemical and Structural Biology, WeizmannInstitute of Science AbstractThreats to the body’s physical integrity come in a varietyof forms: pathogens, chemical poisons and irritants, and mechanical injuries.Early...
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