Alian Akram , Assistant Professor

Phone:  (972)-4-8294838
Fax:  (972)-4-8225153

Building/Auditory:  250


Structure and Function of Host-Pathogen Interacting Complexes

An Interdisciplinary Study Employing Biological, Biochemical, and Biophysical Approaches

Scientists in the Alian lab seek to understand the molecular basis of how viruses interact with the host cell and manipulate key cellular processes to aid their replication. The structure and function of proteins and complexes involved in host-virus interactions are studied using interdisciplinary approaches, and at different scales and levels:

Structural biology: we use X-ray crystallography to decipher, at the atomic level, the molecular mechanisms of protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions, drug mode of action, and drug resistance.

Biochemistry: we use biochemical methodologies to study mechanisms of catalysis and substrate specificity of enzymes, especially those involved in virus replication. We also focus on identifying and validating protein-protein interactions that are potentially essential in virus replication.

Virology: we use infection-incompetent viral vectors, cell based assays, and biochemical assays to study viral replication and interaction with the host cell, as well as inhibition of viruses by peptides and small molecule drugs.