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Biology provides the scientific basis for today’s most vital areas, including biotechnology, medicine, biomedical and genetic engineering, and bioinformatics. With a finger on the pulse of different disciplines, The Technion Biology Faculty constantly tailor programs and courses to face the challenges of modern biology.


Registration for the Biodesign Israel course has opened!

Students from the Faculty of Biology are invited to an online question and answer meeting with the staff of the Biodesign Israel course.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 5/8/20 at 5:00 PM. “Biodesign Israel” is a training program for entrepreneurship and medical innovation, which operates as part of a collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine at Stanford and Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

Both organizations have set themselves the goal of training leading entrepreneurs in the fields of medicine and biotechnology, and sprouting medical ventures that will lead to an impact on the quality of life of millions of people around the world.

Interested in HealthTech
Thinking of a career in the field?

To develop a prototype for a solution, through regulatory issues, business plan, marketing, intellectual property and more. The course will be led by a team of physicians, trained at Stanford Biodesign alongside leading lecturers and mentors from the industry, combined with lectures by the team from Stanford.

The program is fully funded and in collaboration with the leading parties in the country, a unique and one-time opportunity to set foot in the field! The number of places is limited, hurry to apply.

Registration – Biodesign

Meeting Link

Henry Taub Prize Winners

Two of our faculty members, Meytal Landau and Oded Beja, were awarded “ The Henry Taub Prize for Academic Excellence”.

This prize is the Technion highest competitive award for academic excellence and will be administered at the next Technion Board of Governs that will convene in June.

Congratulations to Meytal and Oded for the great achievement and continued success in future work.

Latest Best Posters

Sergei Rudnizly and Hadeel Khamis (Kaplan Lab) won best posters awards at the “Multiscale Modeling of Chromatin” meeting in Les Houches, France.

Congratulations to Sergei and Hadeel for the achievements and thank you to the honors and prestige you bring to the faculty and the Technion.

Regards, Yoram

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