• In order to talk, listen, and especially open our heads to new opportunities, at the end of our doctorate, we are honored to host an inspiring panel of doctoral graduates who are currently in diverse and interesting positions in the industry. The panel will be held via Zoom, on Thursday 3.9.20 at 13: 00-14: 30.

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  • Biodesignisrael.org

    Students from the Faculty of Biology are invited to an online question and answer meeting with the staff of the Biodesign Israel course. The meeting will be held on Wednesday 5/8/20 at 5:00 PM. “Biodesign Israel” is a training program for entrepreneurship and medical innovation, which operates as part of a collaboration between the Faculty

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  • Two of our faculty members, Meytal Landau and Oded Beja, were awarded “ The Henry Taub Prize for Academic Excellence”. This prize is the Technion highest competitive award for academic excellence and will be administered at the next Technion Board of Governs that will convene in June. Congratulations to Meytal and Oded for the great

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  • Sergei Rudnizly and Hadeel Khamis (Kaplan Lab) won best posters awards at the “Multiscale Modeling of Chromatin” meeting in Les Houches, France. Congratulations to Sergei and Hadeel for the achievements and thank you to the honors and prestige you bring to the faculty and the Technion. Regards, Yoram

  • I’d like to use this opportunity  to send our heartiest Congratulations to: Anna Yunaev (Assaraf Lab) for winning the Gutwirth fellowship Ellenore Koren (Fuchs lab) for winning the Irwin and Joan Jacobs fellowship Dean Light (Lamm lab) and Roi Siegelman (Kaplan & Henn labs) for winning the Leonard & Diane Sherman fellowship. We would like

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  • We are happy to inform you that Samah Awwad  and Elazar Besser  won the Technion Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for the 2017 spring semester. Thank you Samah and Elazar for your contribution, congratulations! Sigal and Philippa, on behalf of the teaching committee.

  • Have you registered yet to the 2018 Faculty Retreat http://bioretreat2018.net.technion.ac.il